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Bilge Gregory, MD

Bilge Gregory, MD

Dr. Gregory has 16 years experience as a board certified Emergency Medicine physician. Through her extensive training, she has developed a passion for patient advocacy, holistic wellbeing, weight loss, fitness, and cosmetic procedures including injectables and awake liposculpture. She has discovered how to transform into the best version of herself, and she is now ready to walk this journey with her patients. By engaging in life changing activities focused on synergy of the mind, body, and soul, she can empathize with her patients, and carefully customize a journey with each one of them, based on their needs. Liposuction has a profound mental and physical impact. Dr. Gregory underwent the procedure herself in 2013. Through her experiences, and research with renowned experts, she has mastered the art of body sculpting. She has also carefully put together a post-operative program that optimizes patient results. This is exactly what puts Dr. Gregory at the pinnacle of her profession. 

 Dr. Gregory is a strategic partner in Parallax Health Sciences, where she has joined the wave of the future in telemedicine. This gives her the opportunity to stay connected with her patients, and the convenience of connecting within their own homes. She also has exclusive contracts with Parallax Health Management, inc. (PRLX www.goodhealthoutcomes.com) , Braven Technology (www.bravenequip.com)  which provide her patients with subspecialty care, proprietary monitoring systems in both fitness and medical health.  Dr. Gregory will care for patients with passion and motivation for wellness, patients looking for a physician with unparalleled bedside manner, and patients ready to commit to transforming their lives.

Liposuction is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures worldwide. 

Plastic surgery is not a procedure, it’s a journey.

Joel is blessed to pursue his passion of helping and healing others on a daily basis.

He integrates an individualized blend of hands-on cosmetic procedures, nutrition, exercise, functional medicine, mindfulness & meditation to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Joel walked with honors from Arizona State University with a major in Human Nutrition, and a minor in Exercise and Wellness. He earned his Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies at A.T. Still University where he served as Class Chair. He has been employed in both Urgent Care and Emergency Medicine settings, and understands the appropriation of both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic therapies based on each of his patients evolving needs. Joel’s overarching intention is to primarily employ food and movement as medicine whenever possible and is grateful to see continued advancements in medicine supporting this fundamental philosophy.

Joel Olmstead

Joel Olmstead

Joel is a trained Vibrastat® Liposculpture surgeon, and recognizes the role that cosmetic procedures play in achieving his patients’ desired outcomes. He prides himself in his eye for detail and symmetry. Joel loves working closely with his clients to achieve each individual’s aesthetic goals.

Joel is well versed in neurophysiology, and the science & clinical evidence supporting the use of meditation and mindfulness based wellness to achieve ideal patient outcomes. He recognizes wellness fundamentally begins within and promotes a daily devotion to inner work and connection with divinity.

Joel loves to connect with patients from every demographic and has successfully worked with a wide variety of clientele. He gratefully accepts clients who are motivated for healthy change and are ready to thrive on their highest level.

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Mary Matherly M.S. PA-C is a nationally certified Physician Assistant actively practicing in Arizona for the last 12 years.  After recieving her Bachelors in biology from Creighton University, she attended A.T. Still University achieving her Masters in PA studies.  She has worked primarily in the emergency department, where she developed a passion for procedures, precise work and attention to detail.  As a Vibrastat trained surgeon, she is motivated to help patients achieve maximum results! Mary also offers cosmetic injections, weight loss management, rejuvinating stem cell therapies and is proud to be a part of the Vital Connection MD family!