No General Anesthesia


VCMD LipoSculpture requires no general anesthesia – we will provide you with medications by mouth to assist in preventing nausea, calming nerves, and easing discomfort. You take an active role in your care, and we can create solutions together as you view your transformation in the mirror. General anesthesia is provided in many types of procedures, however, we at VCMD feel that it comes with great risk. Because of this, we choose to take the fewest possible risks with our patients.


No Scalpel & No Sutures



The device we use creates a circular surgical site no bigger than the tip of a pen cap. The size is such that it leaves minimal post-surgical signs, sometimes not evident to the naked eye, or resembling a mole. We don't use sutures, because they leave scars in and of themselves. We will leave the small surgical sites open briefly after the procedure to provide you with post-operative massages. All LipoSculpture patients will receive a minimum of three post-op medical massages administered by our on staff LPN.  These medical post-operative messages aid in diminishing swelling, smoothing the skin, helps with contouring surgical areas, and improving healing time.

LipoSculpture patients will receive a minimum of three post-op medical massages administered by our on staff LPN.


Natural Fat Transfer

Our system is so advanced, the suctioned fat is stored safely in a container at the bedside, and immediately transferred back to the patient in more desirable areas. We proudly offer the Brazilian Butt Lift and Natural Breast Augmentation.


Rapid Healing and Almost No Downtime


VCMD LipoSculpture is minimally invasive as compared to standard liposuction, which means that you will be so encouraged to see your results in just weeks! The skin will continue to tighten as your body heals over the course of months. Less invasive means that you will experience less discomfort both during and after the procedure. Our patients commonly go back to work within two days.


Where LipoSculpture Can Help You


Men most commonly choose LipoSculpture for their abdomen, chin, chest, and “love handles”. Women, in addition, may choose thighs, arms, “bra fat”, buttocks, and hips. During our initial and pre-surgical consultations, we will discuss all areas in question, and advise you so that we ensure a contour that flatters your body, and results in an optimal cosmetic effect.